Packing The ideal kind of luggage to carry on a trek is a strong and cylindrical rucksack with a top-length zip. Always pad fragile and crushable items with a layer of clothing to avoid damage. It would be wise to carry an additional bag to leave behind the extra things not required on the trek. […]
One’s feet play the most important role during a trek. Your feet have been hard at work walking you through the gravel, streams, and uneven terrain. They deserve a well-due rest for a maintained performance the next day. Wash your socks and dry them in the sun. Cleanse your feet as often as possible and […]
Altitude Sickness
Mountain or Altitude Sickness is a common occurrence ahead of 11,000 feet above sea level and spares none. Often, youngsters find themselves sick with headaches and nausea whereas the elderly don’t.  Holiday Moods Adventures organizes a senior citizens-only trek each year, the participants of which fair wonderfully. They are in no hurry to rush through […]