Trek Service
Our Trek Crew comprised of – Sr. Trip Leader: He is the chief of the trek crew with basic English ability. He is the most responsible person from every point of view for the successful execution of the trek. Every evening he briefs the group about the next day’s program and organizes a campfire cum […]
Travel Insurance
Kindly ensure that you are fully insured, preferably with helicopter evacuations (Insurance proof could be requested at arrival). Currently, ICICI provides insurance in India through partner channels only. As one of the partner channels, we can help facilitate your insurance. 2: DOMESTIC ADVENTURE TRAVEL WITHIN INDIA Accidental Plans   Holiday Moods Domestic Adventure Cover Benefits Level 1 Level 2 […]
Before leaving the camp for your next destination, pack your essentials in the rucksack. A properly packed rucksack will not hinder your movements on a difficult terrain. Line the insides of your rucksack with polythene to keep it dry. Things which are not required during the day should be packed at the bottom of the […]
Responsible Camper
To be a good trekker, one must be responsible for the environment. Respect and appreciate the outdoors by reducing your impact on it. Here are some simple and creative ways by which you can help preserve the natural beauty of our natural heritage making it a fun and memorable experience. Stick to the well-trodden on […]
Walking Manners and Tips Don’t walk too fast to carry the weight (of a rucksack) from one camp to another; you are here to enjoy the scenic beauty of the mountains. Create a steady pace while walking by matching the rhythm of your strides with your breathing. To increase walking speed, increase the stride instead […]
List of Things
Checklist for Things to Carry Appx 50 – 60 liters personal rucksack/ Duffel bag (45 liters rucksack can be provided at the campsite upon prior request) Appx 25 liters small knapsack to carry essentials (like water bottle, rain protection, electoral powder, medicines, torch, Sunglasses, Wind-proof cheater, camera and accessories, etc) We recommend investing in LifeStraw […]
Helth On Trek
Inoculations Legally inoculations are not required. But shots against Typhoid, Tetanus, Meningitis, Polio & Hepatitis are recommended by us. Polio immunization must be rechecked before your travel. Please consult your doctor well in advance of departure as some jabs require 3 doses over a period of 3-6 weeks. Certificates of proof of immunizations should be […]
The following is an exhaustive and comprehensive list of first-aid necessities that every trekker must possess. Antiseptic – Dettol/ Savlon Cotton Bandages Medical Adhesive tape Scissors, Tweezers, Needle Thermometer Sterile adhesive bandages in assorted sizes 2 & 4-inch sterile gauze pads Wet wipes 2 & 3-inch sterile roller bandages Blades Tube of petroleum jelly / […]
Drinking Water
It is natural to run out of potable water while on a trek. However, identifying drinkable water sources is of utmost importance. Consumption of contaminated water should be avoided at all costs The below methods must be followed for clean drinking water: Employ an outdoor water filter or purifier – For this purpose, LifeStraw water […]