Safe Travel With Us

Safe Travel


Holiday Moods Adventures has established and maintains a system for managing safety on its tours which is based on detailed risk assessments and operating procedures to minimize the likelihood and severity of the risks. This system is updated after every trip by our trip leaders.

There is always a resident doctor on call with a standby vehicle for emergencies at each destination that we go to. Normally, the access to a nearby hospital is just 30 mins except while on treks and remote places. We also have specially assigned women trip leaders.


Our programs/ trips are designed specifically for groups, schools, colleges, youth groups, organizations & families. All activity elements are tightly controlled. The activities included in the programs are not advanced expeditions and they do not require participants to be trained in advance. These are simple activities that provide a great experience and basic training. All parts of the program are closely supported and supervised.


We provide transport in excellent coaches and cabs starting from personalized pick up from the airports/ railway stations. All vehicles are regularly inspected and have very high standards. Our drivers are well-behaved and undergo regular training in soft skills. They understand that they are dealing with guests who could be from other countries and need special help. All vehicles are replenished with water bottles daily.


For each and every trip we employ Senior Trip Leaders who are appropriately qualified and experienced. The trip leaders manage the trip from arrival to departure. The trip leaders understand the dynamics of managing a journey and satisfying customer needs. They are well-groomed, polite, qualified, and experienced.


A regular step we take to manage safety is to provide the trip leaders annual training camps so as to be updated with the new safety techniques. In addition, all participants are briefed regularly to ensure that they play their part in protecting themselves and others. The trip leaders are provided training to ensure that they follow the best practices, and observe key rules to keep safe and healthy.


All our trip leaders are well-qualified as rock climbers/ mountaineers from institutes like NIM, WHMI & HMI. They have at least 5 years experience of working as senior instructors in the outdoors. They all are qualified in First Aid, CPR, and first aid wilderness responder courses.

All our guides are also licensed by the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India. We have guides in different foreign languages also so that communication is not an issue. Holiday Moods Adventures is a licensed company by the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India, and approved as an adventure tour operator since 2000.

We were the first company in India to be cleared with this accreditation. The company is also top-rated by National Geographic Adventures as one of the best companies to work with in India.